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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Soon, because we plan to move,
this space I must relinquish,
my vain attempt at Eden on woods edge.
Cohosh (blue and black), spice bush,
native columbine, redbud,
this pleasing (at least to me) combination
of plants I knelt to plant
and those that I did not
will be yielded to another's stewardship.

Will he (or she) take joy
in noting that the trillium has spread
its way into the patch of woodruff
over there? Will she (or he) make daily
kneeling stoop in March to spot the first
emergence of mertensia virginica?

Likely not. The benefit of it was mine.
If it carries onto others well
and good. If not, the memory
of it will bless me on my way.

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